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Your child’s baby teeth or milk teeth should grow out by the time they turn 2 and remain in place […]

Many people wonder why it’s important to take care of their children’s baby teeth, also known as milk teeth. The […]

kids dentist in South Melbourne

As we grow and change, so does our dental routine. We are not using the same tools and methods that […]

teeth extraction for kids in Melbourne VIC

Our tooth development starts while we are evolving as a foetus, with our mother’s nutrition playing a vital role on […]

curing kids bad breath

Instilling good oral hygiene practices within children is vital to ensure they carry a healthy dental routine throughout their lives. […]

Cool glasses on a child with the dentists

For some children, the dentist can instil fear and dread into their lives. It can be difficult to get them […]

caring for infant teeth

Even though their teeth are still developing, it is crucial to ensure that you are aware of the oral state […]

The fight against tooth decay and oral disease begins with education. The best time to educate people is when they […]