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Lisa was very concerned about her overlapping crooked front teeth and wanting a wider smile. Lisa’s results were achieved by […]

Rob wanted to improve his smile to have a much whiter and broader smile. Results were achieved by Zoom Teeth […]

Rhonda was unhappy with her heavily worn and discoloured teeth from many years of grinding. All of Rhonda’s teeth were […]

Brigid had heavily worn down teeth from years of grinding which was affecting her jaw function and ability to chew. […]

A crown on one of his front teeth fractured off at the gum level and was not salvageable. A Dental […]

David presented to our office for a consultation regarding his smile. He was unhappy with his teeth looking crowded and […]

Bianca was unhappy with her smile, she had discoloured and crowded teeth and fillings. We replaced the standard fillings with […]