Dentures in Melbourne


Replace Missing Teeth with Affordable Denture Implants

Are you missing a few teeth, or perhaps you’re having multiple teeth removed? If so, having large empty spaces in your mouth isn’t a good idea for many reasons, and either permanent or temporary dentures may be a great solution for you.

Today’s dentures are nothing like your grandparents’ false teeth! Technology has come a long way over the years. Old dentures may have been uncomfortable and look fake, but modern dentures are extremely well-made. They are designed to look completely natural to both the wearer and your friends and family. Being fitted for a set of dentures from the experienced team at our denture clinic can help improve your confidence while allowing you to eat all the foods you love.

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    When Do You Need Dentures?

    Many conditions may cause you to need dentures, such as age, advanced decay and illness. A few common reasons where we might suggest looking at dental dentures are:

    • Decayed cavities in your mouth which can’t be restored.
    • Injury or trauma to the mouth.
    • An illness that led to teeth erosion.
    • Cancer treatment that affected the teeth roots.
    • Advanced gum disease.

    Dentures in Melbourne are not just for “old people”, but an alternative solution for any adult who has lost many teeth.

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      Commonly Asked Questions

      Do They Hurt?

      No, they should not hurt. There may be a period of discomfort as your mouth starts to get used to the dentures, but certainly no pain. If you do experience pain, call our denture clinic and we’ll see what’s going on and sort it out.

      What Are the Denture Prices in Melbourne?

      While they are not as expensive as dental implants, denture prices will depend on your individual treatment plan (e.g.; both flexible partial dentures and removable partial dentures are less expensive that a full set, which is designed to replace all teeth in your mouth). We can provide you with accurate denture prices at our Melbourne clinic before treatment begins as well as guide you on what is covered by your insurance plan.

      What Are Dentures Made Of?

      Dentures are made of either porcelain or acrylic resin. Acrylic resin is the more popular option, as it’s more durable, lighter and cheaper than porcelain.

      Can I Sleep While Wearing Dentures?

      Yes. However, we recommend that you remove them before going to bed and let them soak in a cleaning solution overnight. This will give your jaw a chance to relax after a day of use.

      Will I be Able to Eat Normally?

      It is likely you will experience some difficulty eating when you first receive your dentures. It is common for a lower denture to move a little due to the action of your mouth when chewing. With practice, you will learn to control the movement of the lower dentures.

      Most of our patients will have to learn how to eat properly with their new dentures. Certain foods that are hard or chewy may take more time to get used to. A good dab of denture adhesive will lessen the chance of them getting stuck in your food. Chewing gum is likely off-limits!

      Do they Need to be Replaced?

      If your dentures no longer fit like they used to, you may need a procedure performed called “relining” to refit the base of your dental dentures. When you come in for your regular oral exam, we’ll take a look to see how well they are working and let you know if any changes are needed.

      Will They Look Like Natural Teeth?

      Yes! If you are having either flexible partial dentures or removable partial dentures, then we will be able to match the shape and colour of your natural teeth so that it doesn’t look fake or like plastic.

      Dentures made with today’s technology look so natural that others will not be able to tell you are wearing them. However, if you feel your teeth are more prominent, allow a few days for your facial muscles to relax. Your dentures will seat themselves and your face and mouth will have a more natural appearance. If you have any immediate concerns, come in and we’ll check to see what’s going on.

      Will My Speech Be Affected?

      You may experience some speech difficulties during the first few days. New dentures feel different from natural teeth. Dentures also affect your tongue’s movement, but usually after a short amount of time you will get used to them and your speech will return to normal.

      Do You Provide Denture Repair?

      Yes, Dental on Clarendon offers a denture repair service for Melbourne patients. Our team also design same day dentures that will let you get back to living your life in no time.