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From placing the titanium screw to attaching the dental crown, Dental on Clarendon in Melbourne offers complete care when it comes to dental implants. Whether you’re getting a single tooth implant or upping the cost for full-mouth dental implants, our dental surgeons will complete your entire procedure at our South Melbourne dental clinic using premium technology. Our central location makes us ideal for those who live or work near Albert Park, Southbank or the Melbourne CBD, but we also welcome patients from everywhere. Want to learn more about affordable dental implants in Melbourne? Speak with one of our dental professionals today!

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    The Benefit of Teeth Implants in Melbourne

    Adult tooth loss needn’t get you down. Restore your oral health and confidence with tooth implants from our South Melbourne dental clinic! Implants come with a host of advantages that rank them higher than dentures and bridges:

    • Dental implants are more affordable than you may think: we can perform the procedure in Melbourne for a similar cost to placing bridges
    • Dental implants don’t damage adjacent teeth.
    • Dental implants are stronger and provide greater biting power.
    • Because the implants attach to the jawbone, there’s less chance of jaw recession and, ergo, further tooth loss.
    • There’s no need to remove the teeth or learn a new dental maintenance routine. Brush and floss the crowns as you would natural teeth!
    • Overall, dental implants are a more snug and comfortable fit for the mouth than dentures will ever be.

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      Commonly Asked Questions

      What Is a Dental Implant?

      Dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. While some patients opt for dentures, crowns or bridges, others prefer prosthetics that get to the root of the matter. If you’ve lost one or multiple teeth down to the root, dental implants can stand in for the whole thing. The associated procedure is invasive, but it does negate all need for the cup of water by the bed.
      Technically speaking, the dental implant itself is a titanium screw built to occupy the space of a tooth root. One of our dental surgeons will place the implant(s) into the jawbone while you’re under anaesthesia. Of course, you can’t place an implant without finally adding a dental crown on top. When compared with dentures, dental implants are often the preferred option because they’re more permanent and have better biting power. You’ll neither have to take them out at night nor worry about issues as minor as dislodgement and major as jaw recession.

      Do Tooth Implant Treatments Hurt?

      Our Melbourne dentists will ensure that you do not feel anything during the tooth implantprocedure.In fact, most of our patients find the healing process to be very fast. If you feel any discomfort once the anaesthetic has worn off, this can be controlled by using approved over-the-counter painkillers.

      How Many Tooth Implants Will You Require?
      • 1 implant can be used to restore 1-2 teeth
      • 2 implants can be used to restore 4 teeth
      • 4 implants can be used to restore a whole arch
      Are There Any Risks Involved?

      Patients who receive tooth implants at our Melbourne clinic may experience some pain or discomfort during the days after the implants have been placed.We will recommend some pain medication for you to use whenever you feel pain. Naturally, our dentists will take every precaution to prevent patients from getting an infection during these treatments.However, if you start feeling anything out of the ordinary, get in touch with us for an emergency appointment at our tooth implant South Melbourne clinic.

      Am I Eligible for Dental Implants?

      There is no age limit for receivingdental implantsfrom our Melbourne clinic, but your jaw has to have enough bone to support theseimplants. If we have determined that your jaw is too small, we might recommend you undergo bone grafting or bone augmenting treatments. However, patients with certain health conditionssuch as tooth decay or gum disease may not be eligible for a bone grafting procedure.Once our dentist has assessed the state of your oral health, we will inform you of youreligibilityforteeth implantsat our Melbourne clinic.

      What is the Average Dental Implants Cost in Melbourne?

      The tooth implant cost in Melbourne will depend on how many implants you want and the complexity of the procedure. Usually, dental implants cost approximately $4,500-$7,500 for each tooth implant. Dental on Clarendon aims to keep our tooth implant costs affordable for our patients.Contact our clinic to discuss the tooth implant cost with our dental implant professionals in Melbourne, VIC.