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Dental Crowns
Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Melbourne

Dental crowns are one of the best ways to strengthen decayed, chipped or cracked teeth and save them from extraction. At Dental on Clarendon in South Melbourne, we aim to save all teeth – even those that are severely decayed – and prevent broken, chipped or cracked teeth from weakening your overall dental structure. Located near the CBD in leafy South Melbourne, we cater to anyone wishing to experience the highest standards in dental care. Get in touch today if you wish to discuss your requirements for receiving dental crowns at our Melbourne clinic.

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Dental crowns from Dental on Clarendon can restore your oral health and help you get the smile you want. We’ve helped people across Albert Park, South Melbourne, Southbank and beyond searching for “dental crowns dentist near me” – and we can help you too! Our staff have the experience and expertise to ensure that your procedure is performed with the greatest care and professionalism. Contact us today to enquire about our services, including same day crowns.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What Are Dental Crowns?

By replacing the outer surface of the teeth, dental crowns restore your teeth to a completely natural look with greatly improved strength and quality. During the procedure, our experienced dentists will fit a porcelain crown or ‘cap’ over the tooth after preparation of the underlying tooth has taken place. Preparation of the tooth involves removal of decay, replacing any missing tooth structure with new high-strength filling material, and then reducing the natural crown of tooth by 1-2 mm in all aspects to allow space for the new artificial crown to fit over the top.

A crown is bonded to the underlying tooth and made secure using strong, durable cement. A temporary crown is made at the initial visit to protect the underlying tooth while the new ceramic crown is made.We also offer same day crowns which can be designed and fitted within a single appointment.

How Are Dental Crowns Made?

The dental crowns our Melbourne clinic creates are usually made over two separate appointments, although we also offer same day crowns that can be done within a single appointment.

During the first appointment,we prepare the existing tooth to receive a dental crown and will take an impression of your tooth.We will place a temporary crown over the prepared tooth. During your second appointment, your temporary crown will be removed and replaced by a new custom-made dental crown that will be cemented into place.

Dental on Clarendon can create dental crowns from various materials, with options including composite resin crowns and porcelain crowns in Melbourne. Our dentist will speak with you about which material will best suit your individual requirements. We can also show you dental crowns before and after visuals for your reference.

How Long Do Crowns Last For?

Dental crowns usually last approximately 10-15 years or possibly even longer for some people.How long your crowns will last depends on any wear and tear the crown experiences, and how well you implement good oral hygiene routines to maintain them.

Does It Hurt to Receive Dental Crowns?

Our dentist uses a local anaesthetic prior to commencing any dental crown treatments. You might briefly feel some sensitivity or soreness in the gums around the tooth where the temporary crown has been placed once the procedure is finished and the effects of the local anaesthesia have worn off.

How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost?

The dental crown cost in Melbourne will depend on what type of crown the patient requires and whether same day crowns are chosen.Our dentist will provide you with an approximate cost before commencing any treatments.