Our Available Dental Services & Treatments

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Have you been asking yourself “where can I find a dentist near me that offers a wide range of dental treatments?” At Dental on Clarendon, our dentists in Melbourne strive to provide the best possible dental treatments and dental services for our patients by helping them with their oral health needs. Our clinic in South Melbourne is equipped to provide general and cosmetic dentistry that makes a difference. We offer multiple dental procedures under one roof, with a primary goal to help restore your smile and achieve optimum oral health for the long-term without any dental issues. Learn more about our available services below.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Difference between General and Cosmetic Dentistry?

General dentistry refers to restorative and preventive dental procedures and treats oral diseases, while cosmetic dentistry focuses on the overall aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

What Can I Expect to Happen at My Appointment?

Our patients have their teeth and gums examined and our dentist will perform a treatment based on their dental needs. If need be, your mouth will be x-rayed to assess if a procedure is required.

How Often Should I Visit My Dentist?

Most dentists recommend patients come in every six months for a check-up, although they might ask you to come more often if you have severe gum disease or cavities. Children should have an appointment at least once a year.

Will a Different Dentist Examine Me During Every Visit?

We have a whole team of highly qualified yet affordable dentists, but we can schedule you in with the dentist you normally see if you prefer.

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If you require one of our dental services in Melbourne, visit our contact page or call us on (03) 9690 3285 to make an appointment with our budget dentist in Melbourne.