Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction in Melbourne

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you have lost most of your teeth due to them becoming broken, chipped or worn over time, Dental on Clarendon may recommend that you undergo a full mouth reconstruction treatment that will restore full functionality to your mouth and improve the appearance of your smile.

We realise that a procedure like this can be overwhelming, especially since full mouth rehabilitation can take a considerable amount of time to complete. Our dentists will comprehensively plan your full mouth dental reconstruction treatments ahead of time to ensure you benefit from it without taking too much of your time. They’ll also show you past full mouth restoration before and after photos to show you what is possible.

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    Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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      Commonly Asked Questions

      What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

      Full mouth reconstruction (also known as full mouth dental restoration) is a procedure to replace any or all of your teeth that have incurred extensive damage, trauma or disease. A full dental reconstruction usually involves various dental treatments, including:

      • Veneers
      • Implants
      • Crowns
      • Bridges
      • Inlays
      • Onlays
      When Would I Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction?
      • If your teeth have deteriorated due to decay
      • If your teeth have become fractured or experienced trauma
      • If your teeth have incurred erosion due to certain foods, beverages or tooth grinding
      • If you experience regular jaw, muscle or headache pain
      How Could Full Mouth Dental Restoration Help Me?

      People with missing or broken teeth, or who have experienced dental pain and discomfort for years, will experience the following benefits:

      • Your mouth’s appearance will be restored
      • Your lips and cheeks will receive the proper support they need
      • Your teeth will function correctly
      • It will be much easier to speak and eat
      How Much Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost

      While most full mouth reconstruction procedures involve all of the teeth in the patient’s mouth, every situation has unique circumstances. The estimated minimum teeth reconstruction cost will likely be around $800 to $1,500 for each tooth. If you have dental insurance, some of the full dental reconstruction cost may be covered by your policy.