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Tooth Fillings

Are you worried about any holes or cavities you may have in your teeth? Do you feel pain when you brush particular teeth or sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods? If so, these may be signs that you have tooth decay and require a dental filling.

Tooth fillings, also known as composite fillings, are a natural-looking and durable option for filling small and medium cavities. They help to restore teeth and relieve the pain that cavities cause.

Most people will require different types of fillings during their life. Dental on Clarendon provides various dental services at our South Melbourne clinic, including tooth fillings. Our experienced dentists are available to help resolve any dental issues you may be experiencing.Next time you’re searching for “tooth filling dentist near me”, make an appointment at our clinic.


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      Commonly Asked Questions

      What is a Tooth Filling?

      Tooth fillings treat cavities and restore damaged teeth back to their original function and shape. All types of fillings are used to fill the holes in teeth caused by decay and wear. This is done to ensure that the teeth are healthy and continue to function without further decay occurring.

      What Are Tooth Fillings Made From?

      Tooth fillings are commonly made from:

      • Silver amalgam
      • Composite resin
      • Porcelain
      • Cast gold
      • Glass ionomer
      How Long Do Filling Treatments Take?

      Small filling procedures can be completed in about 20 minutes within one appointment. The filling process time depends on how much tooth decay there is, how difficult the areas that need to be filled are to reach, the tooth filling material, and the speed of your dentist.

      When Will My Filling Need to Be Replaced?

      Book an appointment with our dentist if your fillings are wearing out, if it’s been about five years since you received your composite filling, or 10-15 years since your amalgam fillings were placed.

      Can Children Get Fillings?

      Yes, children of all ages are eligible for fillings. Glass ionomer fillings are usually used on baby teeth, since they’re temporary. However, since baby teeth fall out, a filling may not be necessary.

      What is the Dental Filling Cost for Melbourne Patients?

      The tooth filling cost at our Melbourne clinic is determined by various factors, such as:

      • The location of the tooth that needs treatment
      • The number of tooth surfaces that require filling
      • How much damage there is
      • The material of the filling (amalgam fillings or composite fillings)