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Dental on Clarendon welcomes our first GP guest blog contributor, Dr Elaine Sung from Doctors of South Melbourne. We all […]

Cool glasses on a child with the dentists

We all know oral health is important, but it’s often easy to forget just how important it is to brush, […]

Flossing – it’s a love it or hate it part of your dental hygiene routine. Some floss religiously twice a […]

Whether you’ve had an accident during a sports game or you’ve had an accident and fallen over, losing an adult […]

Brushing and flossing is the best way to fight plaque and prevent tartar build up, but what happens if the […]

You might have a root canal procedure approaching, or you might require one in the future (knock on wood). They […]

patient consult with dental surgeon

Did you know that wisdom teeth are generally the last teeth to erupt in the mouth, but are also most […]

sensitive teeth

Unfortunately, many people don’t get to enjoy eating a frozen treat in the height of summer or drink a hot […]

preventing tooth decay

Do you ever stop and think about how your diet and lifestyle choices can contribute to tooth decay? The foods […]

preventing dental plaque

Dental plaque can be found in all areas surrounding your teeth, as well as along the gum-line and below the […]