How to Reduce the Pain of Emerging Wisdom Teeth

How to Reduce the Pain of Emerging Wisdom Teeth

29 July,2020

How to Reduce the Pain of Emerging Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing a lot of pain and discomfort. The reason for this pain is because they have no room to grow in, meaning they must force themselves out of the gums.

While dentists will usually recommend their patients to have their wisdom teeth removed, you might be wondering what can be done about the pain prior to the procedure. Fortunately, Dental on Clarendon can recommend some ideas for our patients to follow until they have their wisdom teeth extracted.

Over-The-Counter Pain Relief

Anti-inflammatory medications can help to reduce the inflammation happening around the gums that is causing pain. Patients should only take the recommended amount of medication as indicated on the packaging and not use it any longer than necessary. This method can be used a few days prior to the extraction as well as afterwards.

Numbing Gel

Numbing gels can be applied directly onto the gum. These gels contain benzocaine that numbs the gum to relieve pain and discomfort. Numbing gels can be purchased at pharmacies and should only be used as recommended.

Ice Packs

Ice can be used for numbing pain and reducing inflammation. Ice packs are available at pharmacies and supermarkets, or you could make one at home by putting ice inside a tea towel and holding it on the affected area. Ice packs should be used for fifteen minutes at a time.

Maintain Normal Oral Hygiene Practices

Although your gums may feel sore, you should still brush and floss every day. Otherwise, bacteria will build up and inflammation may worsen, and you may experience more pain.

Consume Minimal Sugary and Acidic Foods

Although you should limit how many sugary and acidic foods you have in general, this is extra crucial when wisdom teeth are emerging. Sweet foods stimulate bacteria, and sugar can get stuck inside broken gums and eventually cause gum disease to develop. Acidic foods can cause the gum tissue to break down even more.

Get Relief from Wisdom Teeth Pain Today

Following these tips should make it much easier to deal with the pain that usually comes with emerging wisdom teeth. If the pain becomes unbearable, please contact Dental on Clarendon as soon as you can by calling (03) 9690 3285 to make an appointment at our Melbourne CBD clinic.