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Month: January 2017

12 Jan, 2017 Lisa

Lisa was very concerned about her overlapping crooked front teeth and wanting a wider smile. Lisa's results were achieved by a course of Invisalign over...

12 Jan, 2017 Rob

Rob wanted to improve his smile to have a much whiter and broader smile. Results were achieved by Zoom Teeth Whitening on the lower teeth...

12 Jan, 2017 Rhonda

Rhonda was unhappy with her heavily worn and discoloured teeth from many years of grinding. All of Rhonda's teeth were restored to their original size...

12 Jan, 2017 Brigid

Brigid had heavily worn down teeth from years of grinding which was affecting her jaw function and ability to chew. All teeth were restored to...

12 Jan, 2017 Gillian

Gillian was concerned about her few remaining upper teeth that were loose and discoloured and wanted a long term solution and didn't want to wear...

12 Jan, 2017 David

A crown on one of his front teeth fractured off at the gum level and was not salvageable. A Dental Implant and Crown were placed...

12 Jan, 2017 David

David presented to our office for a consultation regarding his smile. He was unhappy with his teeth looking crowded and discoloured. We realigned David's teeth...

12 Jan, 2017 Bianca

Bianca was unhappy with her smile, she had discoloured and crowded teeth and fillings. We replaced the standard fillings with new ones to match the...