8 Signs Wisdom Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

14 September,2021

8 Signs Wisdom Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

If you experience any problems with your wisdom teeth when they’re coming in, you might need to get them extracted. There are eight particular signs that you should look out for and talk to your dentist about.

1. Pain in the Back of the Mouth

Feeling pain in the back of the mouth is one of the most common symptoms that a person’s wisdom teeth are growing in and may need to be removed. Some people only experience this type of pain occasionally, while for others it is unrelenting.

2. Pain on the Cheek or Tongue

If you have started to bite your cheek or tongue more regularly, this might be a sign that your mouth has become overcrowded. Wisdom teeth that are growing on an unusual angle might rub against various parts of the mouth and cause pain.

3. Gum Issues

A flap of gum tissue might start to form on the side or the top of the gum near the incoming wisdom tooth. This flap can cause small food particles and bacteria to become trapped, causing the area to eventually become infected and swollen. The gums at the back of a person’s mouth may also start to bleed when they’re brushed.

4. Headaches or Earaches

Although wisdom teeth are mostly known for causing pain in the mouth, they can also cause great discomfort in other areas of the body. This pain can lead to headaches and earaches.

5. Jaw Issues

Wisdom teeth that do not emerge properly can alter how a person’s teeth bite together, leading to pain and stiffness that can make it hard to open or shut their mouth. Wisdom teeth that are trying to come in may cause the jaw to become swollen.

6. Crooked or Overcrowded Teeth

Wisdom teeth often start to grow despite there not being enough room in the person’s mouth for them. Overcrowding in the mouth can cause the teeth to push together and become crooked, which can be both painful and unsightly.

7. Bad Breath

Erupting wisdom teeth can make it much harder to properly clean the back of the mouth. This can cause food particles to become trapped and cause an infection, both of which may lead to you having bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth.

8. Trouble with Eating

Getting food particles stuck in the back of the mouth can lead to feeling pain and discomfort when eating. This can make it very hard to eat certain foods.

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