Tips for an Anxiety-Free Dentist Visit

17 June,2019

Tips for an Anxiety-Free Dentist Visit

3 Steps to an Anxiety-Free Dentist Trip

If you’ve been shying away from visiting a dentist because of your phobia, you are not alone. Anxiety often goes hand in hand with a dental visit and some people end up going only when there’s a real emergency. Lack of routine tooth cleanings and check-ups can cost you more than you can imagine. The build-up of plaque can enter your bloodstream and ultimately damage your organs. Poor oral hygiene can also lead to gum infections or periodontal diseases. If this still doesn’t encourage you to schedule an appointment, keep in mind these tips to prepare yourself for an anxiety-free dentist trip.

1. Choose the Right Dentist

One of the most important ways to dispel your fears of dental procedures is to choose a dentist who understands your worries and keeps you comfortable. You should be able to freely ask questions and discuss all treatment options before undergoing any procedure. It’s important to talk to the dentist about your anxiety or nervousness as the dentist will be able to recommend the right method of pain management for you. The dentist’s reassurance will help you feel more secure and confident about undergoing the procedure.

2. Avoid Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

It’s best to discuss your tooth related problems with the dentist to get a right diagnosis and treatment plan. Don’t try to figure out your symptoms by yourself or go by what others have experienced. People who’ve had traumatic experiences several decades ago might share their stories with you, which could end up making you feel all the more nervous and stressed. Let the professionals do their job here. Modern day X-ray machines can help dentists make a very good diagnosis. Moreover, the field of medicine and dentistry has evolved so much that you have a wide variety of treatment plans to choose from, something that was unheard of in the past. Also avoid taking any anti-anxiety drugs before visiting the dentist. Your doctor will prescribe the right medications for you if the need arises.

3. Embrace New, Pain-Free Dentistry

From nitrous oxide and sedative tablets to moderated IV and general anaesthesia, there are now numerous pain-free dental treatments available. While some painless techniques demand the expertise of trained and qualified dental practitioners, others can be administered easily with little to no side effects. Dentists are now offering patients a water/laser based alternative known as Waterlase. This technology is vibration and heat free so patients can relax in the chair while undergoing treatment. Numbing creams also make a big difference to those patients who cringe at the sight of needles. These numbing creams are applied to the treatment site before an injection is administered, thus reducing the pain of receiving an injection to a bare minimum.

Some dental clinics offer you a spa like experience so that you leave anxiety at the door as you walk in. From playing relaxing music, to offering you noise cancellation headphones, these clinics go the extra mile to help patients feel at ease.

If you’ve experienced difficulties at the dentist as an adult, remember to start bringing your children in for dental visits while they’re still small. The more often they go, the more confident they’ll feel about sitting in the chair.

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