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Five Reasons Why Your Child Has Bad Breath

3 November,2017

Five Reasons Why Your Child Has Bad Breath

Instilling good oral hygiene practices within children is vital to ensure they carry a healthy dental routine throughout their lives. Brushing twice daily is great, but sometimes it doesn’t get rid of the problem. When it comes to bad breath in children, there can be more behind it than skipping the morning brush. Bad breath can be caused by various things, and isn’t always exclusively caused by an oral health issue. For the curious child, there can be some surprising reasons as to why they have bad breath.

Swollen Tonsils

If you notice stronger smelling breath than usual, it may be worth checking your child’s tonsils. Grab a light and take a look at the tonsils. If the tonsils are pink and spot free, it means that they are healthy. If they are red, inflamed or have white spots it may be the reason behind the stinky breath. When the tonsils swell, bacteria can become stuck in the pits of the tonsils which can cause bad breath. In the case that they are swollen, ensure that you take the appropriate measures with a health professional.

Foreign Objects

Now, this is a weird one, but the cause of bad breath could be because there is something blocking their nasal passages. Children are curious beings, and it is common that they may stick smaller objects up of their nose. From food items to toys, there could be an object that is lodged within their nasal passage which is causing a nasty smell. Check your child’s nose, and if there is an object stuck then go and see a doctor.

Sinus Infection

Does your child have a sore throat or a runny nose lately? These could be some of the tell-tale signs of a sinus infection. It is known that sinus issues can cause a fluid build-up which affects areas such as the nose and throat, with bacteria accumulation being the cause of bad breath.

Dry Mouth

Hydration is not at the top of a child’s to-do list, and with the active lifestyles that most children live, it is often shoved aside. The lack of fluids and dehydration can cause bad breath in children. This is because there is less saliva production which leads to less odour heavy bacteria to be washed away. Lack of water can also cause a number of health issues, but in dehydration the mouth can lead to cavities and tooth decay.

In any case, if the bad breath does not subside, ensure that you seek advice from a qualified kid's dentist. Learn more: [latest_post cat="paediatric-dentist"]