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Infant Oral Care: What You Need to Know

10 September,2017

Infant Oral Care: What You Need to Know

Even though their teeth are still developing, it is crucial to ensure that you are aware of the oral state of your infant. Even though their teeth are temporary, it is crucial that the proper steps are taken to maintaining oral health to prevent decay, infection and disease. Knowing the correct approach to the different stages of your infant’s oral care can help you ensure that your baby’s oral development is in the best place it can be, whilst also instilling in them the importance of proper oral care.

Mother to Baby

It may all start with your own dental health. Bacteria that causes dental diseases called ‘streptococcus mutans’ can be transferred from mother to infants, which can result in dental decay. Poor dietary habits can create a breeding ground for bacteria, and this heightened production can be passed to your infant. So, the first step in making sure your infant has good health care is to make sure that you do.

Effective Infant Care at Every Stage

There are four steps that can help you towards ensuring proper oral care for your child.

  • The first of these is making sure that you get examined during pregnancy, preferably within your second trimester. A general visit of cleaning is safe for the baby, and ensures that you stay on top of the risk of bacteria transmission and infection towards your baby. Any dental cosmetic procedures or larger procedures will be avoided until the baby is born.
  • It is wise to book your child in for their first dental appointment after the first tooth erupts, or before their 2nd In the first visit, the dentist will assess the oral health of your child, and identify whether any other steps need to be taken to improve their oral health and hygiene.
  • The first year of your child’s dental health is just as important as future care, so it is vital that the proper care is taken. You need to be cleaning your infant’s gums twice daily to prevent food and bacteria build up. The way to do this is by wrapping a clean, damp gauze around a clean finger and gently wiping the infant’s gums.
  • When your child gets to an age where they can start brushing their teeth alone, you need to give them the correct tools to use. Make sure that they have a soft bristled toothbrush, that has easier grip for them to brush correctly. More than that, ensure that they are doing it twice daily.

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