The Benefits of Getting Same Day Crowns

22 November,2021

The Benefits of Getting Same Day Crowns

Dental crowns are caps that are placed on top of damaged teeth to protect and cover them as well as improve their shape. Thanks to modern dental technology, dentists may recommend same day crowns to patients to fast track their treatment. There are numerous benefits to using same day crowns, some of which are detailed below.

Temporary Crowns Are No Longer Needed

Patients that choose to get a traditional crown will need to wear a temporary crown for a few weeks while their permanent crown is being created. The problem with this method is that not only do temporary crowns need to be taken out, needlessly putting the patient through two procedures, but a delicate adhesive is used to keep the temporary crown in place. Because of this, the chance of the temporary crown falling out is higher, or it might not fit quite right and make it harder to chew. This can be avoided by opting for same day crowns, which can be made and fitted during the same appointment.

Same Day Crowns Save Time

Rather than having to wait for a few weeks for permanent crowns to be made, patients can now get the crowns they need made during their appointment. This saves patients a significant amount of time and hassle, as they only need to attend one appointment rather than two and they won’t have to deal with the difficulties that temporary crowns present.

High Level of Durability

Some people may think that dental crowns made in just one day won’t be as durable as traditional crowns. However, they’re just as durable and comfortable as traditional crowns. They’re an optimal choice for restoring the integrity of a tooth and preventing any infection or further damage from occurring.

They Look and Feel like Real Teeth

Same day crowns are made to be a functional and visually satisfying replacement for damaged teeth. A dentist will carefully inspect the colour, shade and fit of a same day crown before they bond it to the tooth. Patients can be confident that their same day crown will look and feel like a real tooth.

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