The Advantages of Same Day Crowns

The Advantages of Same Day Crowns

29 May,2020

The Advantages of Same Day Crowns

Most people are unaware of the many advantages offered by same day dental crowns as opposed to traditional crowns. In fact, there are many people out there who have no idea same day crowns even exist. Many dental practices provide their patients with same day dental crowns and highly recommend them for the following reasons:

Same Day Crowns Are Safe and Reliable

Same day crowns are made out of ceramic or porcelain, which has a similar appearance to natural tooth enamel. They are very safe, effective, durable and reliable, sometimes more so than natural teeth. If your crown ever gets damaged, you can visit your dentist who can either repair or replace it at their clinic.

Same Day Crowns Are Made and Placed Straight Away

Before same day crowns were a thing, patients had to wait weeks for their dental crowns to be made at a laboratory. Now, anyone who is eligible for same day crowns can receive them on the day they have their appointment, as the crown can be quickly made at the clinic. This provides patients with a convenient way to receive the treatment they need and get on with their day afterwards.

Temporary Crowns Are Unnecessary

Patients who choose traditional crowns have to wear a temporary crown for a few weeks while their permanent restoration is being made. As a temporary crown is set in place with a weak adhesive, it could potentially fall out or not fit properly, making it difficult to chew. Dentists understand how annoying and sometimes unnecessary temporary crowns can be, especially when same day crown crowns are available.

More of Your Missing Tooth Will Be Preserved

When a traditional crown is being set in place, your dentist will have to drill down some of the compromised teeth so the crown will fit. In other words, most of the existing tooth will no longer be there. Dentists do not have to drill as much of your teeth when same day crowns are being placed, meaning most of your existing tooth will remain in place.

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