Invisalign For Teenagers: What Parents Should Know

18 February,2020

Invisalign For Teenagers: What Parents Should Know

It’s very common for teenagers to receive orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of their teeth and jaw. Orthodontic issues can hinder a person’s ability to properly eat and speak, as well as increasing the likelihood of experiencing further dental issues. But to your teenager, the biggest issue will be how having misaligned teeth can affect their appearance and confidence. Having traditional metal braces fixed to their teeth will likely seem embarrassing to them, especially at school. If this is a concern your teenager has, Dental on Clarendon explains how using Invisalign Teen aligners can benefit them in the long run.

What Benefits Can Teenagers Experience?

Invisalign Teen aligners are a discreet orthodontic option for teenagers who don’t want anyone to notice them. They also offer various other benefits, some of which are detailed below.

Improves Oral Hygiene

Unlike traditional fixed braces, Invisalign Teen aligners can be taken out when your teenager has to brush and floss their teeth. This makes it much simpler to look after their teeth and gums, reducing the likelihood of developing tooth decay and gum disease that can hinder the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment.

Prevents Injuries from Occurring

Occasionally, metal braces will come loose or rub against the inside of the mouth, scratching or injuring it in the process. Such issues can also cause ulcers to develop. These issues are a thing of the past with Invisalign.

Coloured Indicators

Invisalign Teen aligners have coloured indicators that show whether the aligners are worn for the right amount of time or not, which is signified by a faded colour. This feature makes it much easier for parents to monitor the progress of their child’s orthodontic treatment.

What Age Can Teenagers Start Receiving Orthodontic Treatment?

Children usually start receiving orthodontic treatment in their early teenage years, often between 11-13 years of age. Their permanent teeth should have come through by this point, but as their teeth and jaws are still growing, it is much easier to properly align them.

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