How to Travel with Invisalign

Travelling with Invisalign

Having Invisalign treatment means that you’re taking care of yourself – it doesn’t mean you can’t travel whenever you want. The secret to travelling while having Invisalign treatment is to be prepared.

Whether you’re travelling on a cruise ship or touring Oz by train, you can be sure you will enjoy yourself and be stress-free by following some simple & easy tips.

Let Us Know That You Will Be Away

Because you change aligners every two weeks, making sure you have an extra set of these invisible aligners with you is part of a successful treatment. If you have an extra set handy, it is still a good idea to ask us for another set or two. If we know you’re going to be out of town, we’ll be able to provide enough sets to get you through your trip. Just give us a few weeks of notice.

What If You Lose An Aligner?

If your plans are to travel out of the country, you may not get a fast replacement. As always, be prepared. It’s a great idea to put in the next set of aligners the day before you start your travels. Also, have our phone number with you, in case you need immediate help.

Have A Portable Supply Kit

Select an easy to carry bag that will hold all of your Invisalign supplies. While at home or traveling, you’ll always know that this bag is for your Invisalign supplies. A bag like this can easily fit in carry-on luggage when flying or in a tote bag whilst on a train. An item the kit should include is lip balm. Travelling may dehydrate you, and you may find the aligners drying out your lips, so you’ll be glad to have some lip balm handy. Note: We recommend you NEVER pack your aligners into check-in luggage. If your bags get lost (and it does happen) you’ll at least have one less stress by having your aligners in carry-on luggage!

Bottled Water

As mentioned above, wearing these clear aligners can dry out your lips and air travel dehydrates everyone. It’s always a good idea to keep a bottle of water within reach at all times. When you’re not sure that the tap water is safe to drink, you’ll be glad you have some bottled water on hand.

Cleaning Your Aligner Trays

You’re already familiar with the routine of removing your Invisalign trays during meals and when it’s time to brush your teeth. This holds true while travelling. To make sure you can continue your cleaning routines, it’s always a good idea to have a travel toothbrush, a small travel-size tube of toothpaste, some mild detergent, and denture tablets in your portable Invisalign supply kit. You may not be using denture tablets at home, however, they are an excellent option for cleaning when you are staying in a hotel. A quick 15-minute soak each day will insure that your Invisalign trays are truly clean and ready for you to wear.

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