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Having Invisalign as an Adult

4 February,2019

Having Invisalign as an Adult

Many of our adult patients are curious about Invisalign. As a child, perhaps they didn’t have the chance to straighten their teeth, but now, their appearance has become more important to them and money is no longer an issue. (side note, check with your insurance plan to see if it covers orthodontic treatment)

An adult male who recently went through the revolutionary clear braces process shares his experience to help you decide if Invisalign invisible braces is right for you.

Q: “Why did you consider having orthodontic treatment?”

A: “Just a few years ago, I remember that I felt insecure while smiling. My crooked teeth had bothered me for ages, but not enough for to take any action. I was dating a girl. and one day, she asked why one of my teeth was higher than the others. It was a bit embarrassing. You see, I did have traditional braces as a teenager, but I never wore my retainer once the treatment was complete, and a few of the teeth became wonky. From that point, I became embarrassed about my smile and decided to do something about it.”

Why Invisalign?

Q: “What prompted you to choose Invisalign?”

A: “I do enjoy smiling and being around around people, but found myself doing it less and less because of my smile. I would minimise how much of my teeth showed. I knew that having straighter teeth would boost my confidence and remove any awkwardness that I might have. My experience with traditional metal braces as a child was not good.

Clear Aligners vs Traditional Metal Braces

Q: "How did you find out about Invisalign?"

A: “There was no way I wanted to have metal braces again, so I would be stuck with an embarrassing smile. One day, I read this article from a dentist near me about Invisalign. He was talking about orthodontic treatment for teenagers. I was curious if they had anything more suitable for my age (28). If it worked for teens, maybe there was a solution for adults as well. I found out that not only was Invisalign offered for adults, they also had great results for people like myself for minor to moderate teeth issues.”

Does It Hurt?

Q: “How did the treatment go?”

A: “About two years ago, I started Invisalign treatment, and now it’s a distant memory. I’m very happy that I did it, and I’m reminded of this great decision whenever I look in the mirror. These almost invisible braces are a perfect choice for professionals because you can take them off if you need to and then just put them back in later.”

Q: “What about for eating?”

A: “If you have an important lunch meeting with a client, you appreciate having the choice of being able to take them out as needed. It’s rather easy to take your aligners off before the meeting, brush your teeth right after lunch, and then put them back on.”

Do Your Friends Notice You're Wearing Braces?

A: “Unless somebody is really staring at your mouth, no one will ever notice these nearly invisible aligners. My experience with Invisalign overall is great, and is much less painful than brackets and wires you get with traditional braces. Only when I started a new aligner was there any discomfort, which quickly went away as my teeth adjusted to wearing an aligner. At the suggestion of my favourite South Melbourne dentist, I would switch retainers at night time so that I would be asleep during the transition period. I would wake up feeling well-adjusted and not endure as much pain with the new aligner.”

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As an experienced provider for Invisalign, many of your neighbours, both young and old, have had a great experience with this form or orthodontic treatment. If you've been bothered by wonky teeth for a while, and want to see what options are available, call our friendly office and set up a consultation to see how Invisalign can transform your smile.

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