Common Signs That You Might Need Dentures

Common Signs That You Might Need Dentures

25 March,2022

Common Signs That You Might Need Dentures

There are various common signs that indicate someone may need dentures, which are essentially artificial teeth that replace natural teeth. A dentist can examine the condition of your teeth and get dentures manufactured that will meet your particular dental needs. Read on to learn of some of the most common signs that you may require dentures.

Frequent or Severe Tooth Pain

If you have a bad toothache that won’t stop, this might be happening due to advanced tooth decay that has moved to the pulp of the tooth. Basic dental treatment might not be able to save teeth that are badly affected, and if this is the case, they may need to be extracted and replaced with dentures.

The Gums Are Inflamed and Bleeding

If left untreated, gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontal disease can impact the gums and increase the likelihood of a person losing teeth and bone. When this occurs, a dentist will likely recommend the patient gets dentures to replace those teeth.

Wide Gaps and Loose Teeth

If you have any teeth that have changed their position, or if you notice gaps between teeth that didn’t used to be there, it’s possible that you have some form of gum disease that has caused bone loss. If this bone loss becomes severe enough, the teeth may become unsalvageable and will need to be extracted to prevent other dental problems. If this happens, your dentist might recommend that you get dentures.

You Have Lost Some Teeth

People can lose one or more of their teeth if they don’t clean their teeth properly or often enough, or if they’ve experienced some type of physical trauma. Not only will replacing these teeth with dentures make your mouth and smile look a lot better, but it will also help to relieve the pressure your remaining teeth experience due to the loss of the other teeth.

Difficulty Chewing Hard Foods

If you start finding it more difficult and painful to eat hard or chewy foods, this may be due to missing teeth, tooth fracture, gum disease, cavities, tooth decay and other dental issues. Dentures are a common way to replace missing teeth and make it much easier to chew food again.

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