Can I Wear a Mouthguard With Orthodontic Braces?

Can I Wear a Mouthguard With Orthodontic Braces?

12 February,2018

Can I Wear a Mouthguard With Orthodontic Braces?

Mouthguards and Braces While Playing Sports

Most children sneer at the thought of having to use a mouthguard. To them, it’s not seen as ‘cool’ to wear one. Unfortunately, most children, teenagers and even some adults don’t understand the importance of this simple tool when it comes to protecting their teeth and mouth from damage that can be long-lasting and is even more important when braces are concerned.

Some teens and adults might think they have to give up their favourite sports as soon as they get braces, but fortunately thanks to advancements in dental and orthodontic care, you can now have braces and safely play your favourite sport. (for additional articles about mouthguards, click here).

But first, why are mouthguards important? 

Protection For More Than Just Your Teeth

When it comes to using a mouth guard, the rule of thumb is that it should be worn in any activity where damage to your mouth may occur, for example most collision sports or activities where a ball is involved. These days, mouthguards are mandatory for most collision or high intensity sports.

When you think of mouth guards, it’s undeniable that most people think of tooth protection.

However, they don’t just protect your teeth from injury. A mouth guard can also prevent lip and cheek injuries, fractured jaws, lip lacerations, fractured crowns, broken braces and brackets and even concussions.

Whether you or your children play basketball, hockey, AFL, boxing and everything in between, investing in this simple soft-plastic or laminate device can you save you from injuries, and repair costs for braces later on.

Sports vs Regular Mouthguards

Sports mouthguards provide a little more room than regular mouthguards, but they still offer the same amount of protection. Coming with extra width allows the wearer to cover their braces, teeth and gums, and most importantly are still comfortable.

While you can buy an over the counter mouthguard from a chemist, if you are considering a mouthguard to wear with braces then it’s important to discuss this with your dentist or orthodontist. They will be able to provide you with a customisable sports mouthguard, made specifically for the wearer.

If you’d like to discuss getting a sports mouthguard and how it can protect your teeth and braces, get in touch with your local Melbourne dentists at Dental on Clarendon today.