4 Foods & Drinks That Can Cause Teeth Staining

21 October,2021

4 Foods & Drinks That Can Cause Teeth Staining

Following good oral hygiene practices like brushing your teeth twice a day and having regular appointments with your dentist are great ways to maintain a beautiful smile. However, there are certain foods and drinks that can cause tooth discolouration over time, no matter how thorough you are with cleaning your teeth. Below are some of the most common culprits that can stain and discolour your teeth.

1. Coffee and Tea

Both coffee and tea contain tannins, a type of chemical compound that can make colour compounds stick to your teeth and enamel. You can minimise the impact of consuming these beverages by increasing how much milk your beverage has, as this will counteract the staining. You can also cut down on how much tea or coffee you drink or use teeth whitening products to remove any staining these beverages cause.

2. Red Wine

Acidic drinks such as red wine can roughen and open up the pores within tooth enamel, causing erosion. This in turn allows dark red particles from the wine to stick to the surface of teeth. This occurs because red wine contains tannins and chromogens that tend to leave their mark on teeth, even after having only a few sips. This staining can be minimised by rinsing your mouth with water after drinking red wine.

3. Cola

Regularly drinking sugar-laden cola can discolour your teeth due to the dark colouring, chromogens and acids cola drinks contain. Cola can erode your enamel too, which will make your teeth more susceptible to staining and allow tooth dentin to become more visible. It’s recommended that you limit how much cola you drink and also ensure you regularly brush and floss. You can also undergo a teeth whitening procedure to remove this staining.

4. Tomato Based Sauces

You should be aware that eating foods containing tomato-based sauces, such as spaghetti and pizza, can stain your teeth. This is because tomato sauce contains a pigment that gives it a deep red colour and is also acidic. This can be counteracted by rinsing your mouth with water after eating meals containing tomato based sauces.

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