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If you’ve heard the term ‘invisible braces’ before, it may well have been in reference to the Invisalign system which is a fantastic option for anyone needing minor correction to their teeth’s alignment. But what is it? Invisalign is a relatively new treatment that was developed in the US and it provides a comfortable, non-invasive and aesthetic way to straighten your teeth and give you a confident beaming smile.

Invisalign Braces in Melbourne

For getting treatment with Invisalign in Melbourne, Dental & Health on Clarendon is an excellent option. Our experience with Invisalign at our South Melbourne practice is that we have found it’s a wonderful and comfortable way for a patient to acquire a beautiful smile. If you live or work in nearby areas such as Albert Park or Southbank, make an appointment to discuss this solution further.

If the treatment suits your dental condition, we can provide a customised treatment program where the first step is to map out a treatment plan through using Align Technology’s unique ClinCheck software. This will let you see the aligner’s gradual movement and you can gauge how the final results will look like upon the treatment’s completion – that being a wonderful smile.

For wearers, the treatment is non-evasive and does not get in the way of everyday life. Wearing them won’t stop you from doing anything and wearers say it does not affect their speech. You can leave them off for a few hours per day if so desired. Average treatment takes around a year to complete but varies case by case.

This can be a great alternative for those wanting a teeth straightening solution that isn’t as visible as metal braces, or those who only require minor work and want the freedom to be able to remove aligners when required.


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It is important to have regular check-ups with your dentist, don’t let the pain become unbearable before making the call.


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