What You Need to Know About Home Teeth Whitening

20 January,2020

What You Need to Know About Home Teeth Whitening

Home teeth whitening treatments are one of the most common and safest cosmetic procedures available. Using a teeth whitening treatment can lighten the appearance of your teeth by removing any stains and discolouration on them. However, there are certain facts about home teeth whitening that you should know prior to starting the treatment, ensuring you’ll know exactly what to expect.

H2: Teeth Whitening Won’t Damage Your Teeth

Teeth whitening is a safe treatment that doesn’t cause damage to the teeth. Home teeth whitening treatments use the same active ingredients that are used during teeth whitening procedures at dental clinics. They penetrate your teeth’s pores to remove stains, and your teeth will naturally re-mineralise and rehydrate after each whitening procedure.

The Stains on Your Teeth Won’t Disappear Overnight

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were your teeth. No home teeth whitening products can whiten teeth in only a matter of minutes or days. You have to allow some time for the active ingredients of teeth whitening gels to penetrate your teeth. It can take at least three days, if not longer, for these gels to start taking effect. People with particularly bad staining have to be extra patient. Once the stains are removed, it should be easier to maintain your teeth.

Use Teeth Whitening Products Before Going to Bed

Staining can build up right after you apply teeth whitening gel, as your teeth pores become wider and allow substances to penetrate your teeth more easily. The best time to whiten your teeth is before going to bed, as further staining is much less likely to occur. Your teeth can also rehydrate and re-mineralise while you sleep.

Your Teeth May Experience Sensitivity After Being Whitened

Many people have teeth that are prone to feeling sensitivity. This is often due to genetics, thin enamel, or cracked or damaged teeth. It’s perfectly normal to experience some sensitivity during the teeth whitening process. This can happen because your teeth become dehydrated for a brief period of time, affecting their ability to protect nerves from changes in temperature. However, such sensitivity typically only lasts for 12-36 hours after applying the teeth whitening gel.

Not Everyone's Teeth Will Become Completely White

The natural colour of a person’s teeth can be affected by their genetics. For some people, teeth whitening products can only do so much and will only remove the stains on their teeth that have built up over the years. However, many of these patients are still more than happy with the results they achieve.

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