What You Need to Know About Dental Insurance
2 June 2017

When choosing your dental insurance, there are so many options out there that it could be overwhelming.

You don’t get taught about dental insurance in high-school, even though it is something that most people will come into contact with in their lives. surrounding your dental health, and the insurance options out there for you. To ensure that you understand the basics behind dental insurance, and the things that you should be made aware of, we have put together the below list for you.

  1. General or Major

General dental – this includes cleaning, plaque removal, x-rays and small fillings. With any luck, utilising the first two services will prevent the last two being required.

Major dental – this covers orthodontics/braces, wisdom teeth removal, crowns, bridges and cover for dentures. Most of us hope to avoid these procedures, but sometimes they are inevitable. Major cover is also a fantastic option for families, and the elderly.

  1. How Much Would It Cost

This is completely dependent on what type of cover you choose. Your insurance will cover some of the cost of work done on your teeth, but it depends how extensive the work is, and what type of work it is. For instance, general check-ups and cleans are often covered more than x-rays and surgery.

If you are young, and have relatively healthy teeth, there may be no reason for you to buy major cover. As long as you do have generalised cover and attend regular check-ups, your plan could be changed later down the track if needed, dependant on your insurance company.

  1. How to Choose What Is Right for You

It is difficult to know which dental cover is the right one for you to choose. There are a few factors that you should consider when trying to decipher this. If you a relatively healthy, you haven’t had any major problems with your teeth and you are young, then general cover may be a great option for you.
If you are a family, or an elderly couple, it may be a safer option to opt for major cover to cover any of the needs that may arise, such as braces, wisdom teeth removal or dentures.

More factors that should go into your choice is personal needs and income.

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