What Is A Dental Filling And How Do I Tell If I Need One?
2 June 2017

Dental fillings are not a new phenomenon, with a history spanning back to the 1500s! Fillings are essentially used to close off holes that form within our teeth due to decay. It is used as a way to help damaged teeth move back to a functioning state, and prevent further decay of the tooth. We are only born with two sets of teeth, being baby teeth and adult teeth. Once a hole forms within an adult tooth, it is vital to try and save the tooth instead of retracting it or replacing it with a fake. This is done through fillings, whereby the decaying area is taken out from the tooth and replaced with a material to help the tooth maintain its functionality. There are a few ways to determine whether you may be eligible to receive a filling. Here we have narrowed it to the most common being:

  1. If you start to get sensitive with temperatures. If you feel a sharp pain whenever you are exposed to hot or cold drinks/food, it may be an indication of needing a filling. This is due to the thinner barrier between your drink/food and your nerve of your tooth due to decay.
  2. One of the most common ways to tell that you may need a filling is if you have a toothache. Usually it means that the decay has broken down the tooth a lot, so hopefully you catch it before you reach this uncomfortable stage.
  3. If there is a visible hole, then it is clear that there needs to be a filling. If you do think that there is a hole or at least some of these symptoms being presented, then you should contact a dentist today.

If you believe you are at risk of needing a filling, you should contact dental experts today. At Dental on Clarendon, we are trained professionals who can help you through any of your tooth concerns, be it hygiene, fillings or replacements. Based just outside Melbourne CBD, we are the easy to access service with 24/7 booking online. If you would like to talk through any concerns, or simply book a consultation, call us on 03 9998 6198. Our fully qualified and friendly team will be able to help patients of all ages, and look forward to helping you reach your optimal oral health today.

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