What Can a Smile Makeover Do for You?

8 September,2015

What Can a Smile Makeover Do for You?

A Smile Makeover improves the appearance of a patient’s smile and involves several cosmetic procedures like tooth contouring, tooth whitening and dental implantation. Your dentist will take into consideration many things before developing a proper treatment plan that will leave you looking and feeling your best. These things include the shape of your face, your skin tone, the colour of your teeth and hair, the appearance of your lips, and your medical history. Once all these factors are taken into consideration, a qualified and experienced dentist will create a wonderful smile that will blend naturally with the rest of your face, leaving you looking more attractive than before.

To determine what smile best suits your face, the dentist will take several photographs of your face/mouth and perform a thorough aesthetic evaluation. The entire procedure will often take more than a few sittings as the dentist will strive to fix one issue at a time, depending on your needs. Some of these procedures involve fixing gaps in the teeth, lengthening short teeth or shortening longer teeth, aligning the teeth, reshaping teeth and whitening teeth. Gaps present in the teeth are sometimes filled with the help of implants. If you opt for implants, the procedure will take nearly 6 months to complete, but it will be a permanent solution for you.

How Smile Makeovers Change Your Appearance

Skilled dentists can truly alter your smile by using crowns or composites to give you a more feminine look or a more masculine one. Your present smile line will be measured and changed accordingly to make it look more proportional. Moreover, the shape and length of your teeth will be changed by taking into account the shape of your face. A smile makeover that’s done perfectly can enhance your looks, even making you appear slimmer.

If you need to use composites or dental crowns to achieve great results, make sure you choose your materials wisely. Composite resins are not as durable as porcelain onlays or crowns. Porcelain crowns are more expensive but they last you longer as they don’t chip away as easily as composite resins. They also don’t stain easily and don’t require frequent whitening.

Once the dentist has developed a personalised plan for the patient, a wax model or replica of the teeth is created in a laboratory for use as a guide. The patient gets a chance to wear this prototype to determine if it’s the right choice or not. Once everything is finalized, treatment will commence. Patients should discuss pain-relief measures with the dentist so that they don’t experience any anxiety or fear while the procedures are being done.

Pain-Free Dentistry

While some procedures are virtually painless, you can ask for local anaesthesia and mild sedation if you’re a bit fearful of sitting in the dentist’s chair. Because of the availability of various pain-free dental techniques, you can now comfortably undergo cosmetic dental procedures and get the smile you really deserve.

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