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Tips on Keeping Your Teeth White

21 November,2017

Tips on Keeping Your Teeth White

Prevention of Stained Teeth

The advancements in oral care has meant that people who previously battled with yellow or stained teeth can now walk around with pearly whites. It is so easy to brighten your teeth, especially with so many avenues available both at home and at the dentist. It is all well and good to brighten your teeth and obtain a whiter smile, but in order to keep it there are a few things that you need to do.

Good Dental Routine

This is essential for any person, but can really benefit in attempts to keep a whiter smile. Ensuring you brush your teeth after eating, especially when it comes to consuming food or beverages that are known to create stains. It may be worth using whitening toothpaste in order to decrease the appearance of stains or yellowing on the tooth’s surface. Pairing regular brushing with flossing can also help remove the build-up of plaque.

Making sure that you visit your dental professional every six months is a vital step in the maintenance of good dental hygiene.

Avoiding Foods That Cause Stains

It can be difficult to maintain white teeth. Although a good dental routine can help you, it is also important to watch what you eat and drink. There are numerous beverages and food that can affect the colouration of your teeth, leading to stains or decay. From berries and lollies to wine and coffee, your teeth can fall victim to discolouration. There are a number of deeply coloured molecules within these which the enamel of your teeth have to take on. The result of this is the common stains found on your teeth. Of course, you don’t have to cut out the finer things in life altogether, but it would be good to consume these in moderation.

More than that, there are a number of lifestyle choices which may be detrimental to the whiteness of the teeth. Smoking, heavy drinking or ill-dental hygiene can all contribute to the appearance of your teeth looking worn and brown.

Further Treatment

One treatment will not guarantee that your teeth will stay white forever. Ensure that you have follow up whitening sessions if necessary to keep your teeth looking healthy and clean by booking an appointment with Dental on Clarendon. We have professionals that will be able to whiten your teeth safely, and give you the tips and tricks to keep them white for as long as possible. Further information about teeth whitening tips can be found here [latest_post cat="teeth-whitening-service"].

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