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The 3-Month Life Span of A Toothbrush

2 June,2017

The 3-Month Life Span of A Toothbrush

Used twice a day every day, our toothbrushes are an important aspect of all our dental hygiene. Brushing away the food, build up, and germs that enter our mouths daily and helping us maintain the optimal level of dental cleanliness. However, a lot of people are in the dark on how often we should be changing out the old for the new, and so we have put together a check list to easily tell if it is time to let your toothbrush go. One really great way to know whether it’s time to get a new brush is if you can’t remember the last time you had one. If you can’t think back and remember getting the brush, then it has been in your possession too long.

There are multiple ways to tell whether it’s time to get a new toothbrush, and one that is obvious is by the look of the toothbrush. If it has lost its integrity, and the brush starts to splay outwards, it means it is probably no longer giving your mouth a thorough clean. Once this starts occurring, no matter when it is in the brushes cycle, you should get a new toothbrush.

Another reason you should get rid of your toothbrush, or at least sterilise it, is if you have been sick. This should be done as it could continue to house bacteria within its bristles after you have healed from the sickness, and lead to either unclean dental practices, or to your sickness hanging around. There are a number of ways to sterilise your toothbrush, the simplest of which is by boiling it for 3 minutes.

Lastly, if your dentist tells you to buy a new toothbrush, it is probably wise to do so. Dentists and dental nurses are highly trained professionals that can identify whether your dental hygiene is detrimental to your overall oral health. In order to find out about your dental health today, and a cleanliness plan that suits you, contact one of the clinics in Melbourne. You can call Dental on Clarendon on 03 9690 3285 to book your dental appointment today, or do it through our 24/7 booking service online. We will be able to conduct a thorough clean of your teeth, as well as a full check up to see where you may be going wrong in your dental care. Call our team today, and reach a better level of dental hygiene.