Rid the Coffee Stains Without Ridding the Coffee

Bleaching For Coffee Stained Teeth

A lot of people tend to turn to the loving embrace of coffee in times of tiredness or struggle. But, what often isn’t thought about his how bad coffee can be for the colour of your teeth. It isn’t just coffee, but even tea and red wine can contribute to your teeth becoming darker or stained in appearance. This is because these darker beverages stain the tooth’s enamel. Don’t fret however, as there are many ways that you can avoid the discolouration being permanent. Keep your pearlies white with these tips.

Get Professional Care

Want to keep your teeth fresh and white? Ensure you take regular trips to a dental professional so that any discolouration or decay can be swiftly addressed. They will be able to conduct a thorough cleaning of your teeth and remove discolouration through a polish. This process will remove those nasty surface stains that are the result of drinking these darker coloured drinks.

Your dentist at Dental on Clarendon will also be able to help you with getting the white gleam back in your teeth through safe bleaching. This can lighten the shade of your teeth and return them to a noticeably whiter state.

Caring at Home

Are you a little lacklustre when it comes to your dental routine?

Keeping a regular, twice daily, dental routine that includes brushing and flossing each time can help to combat those yellow stains we dread. If you pair this with a trusted brand of whitening toothpaste and non-alcoholic mouthwash – you are sure to get those pearly whites in no time. This will help you further combat discolouration and let you maintain a whiter smile.

There are a number of home bleaching kits that can be purchased over the counter, or through an online store, to use at home. However, these aren’t nearly as effective or long-lasting in their results as a professional dental whitening.

If you’re truly concerned about the stains that you are noticing on your teeth, it may be worth brushing after consuming damaging foods and drinks. If you don’t have the access to a toothbrush or the time to spare, a simple quick rinse of the mouth can make a world of difference.

If you want a professional cleanse of your teeth, or a killer teeth whitening service that leaves your teeth sparkling, get in touch with the dental professionals at Dental on Clarendon today. For more thoughts on keeping your teeth bright, read Tips on Keeping Your Teeth White.


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