Each year, thousands of children are treated for dental injuries, which could have been prevented, or the severity minimised, by wearing a protective mouthguard. It is therefore important for parents and children to understand how best to protect teeth against injury while participating in sport.

Why Should You Wear A Mouthguard?

Mouthguards help to absorb the shock experienced from a collision or impact to the face.

The protection of a mouthguard can reduce the impact of the damage, which can include chipped, broken or lost teeth, nerve damage and or soft tissue injuries.

Tips About Mouthguards

  • Mouthguards should be worn at training and during game play in sports that carry the risk of contact to the face
  • As per the Australian Dental Association recommendations, mouthguards should be custom-made and professionally fitted for maximum protection
  • *A custom fit is NOT provided by mouthguards that are able to be purchased for home fitting from pharmacies and sport stores*

  • Check your mouthguard every 12months for optimum fit to ensure best protection

*Younger children who are still losing baby teeth may need to have their mouthguard reviewed more regularly*

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