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Know the Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

13 November,2017

Know the Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Many of us have gotten into a routine with our dentist. Our twice-yearly check-ups make it easy to address relatively common issues, such as aches or cavities.  But sometimes the issue can be a bit more serious than we thought.

It’s important to know the warning signals of more pressing dental concerns, as it may be an indicator into the seriousness of the issue. We are talking you through the 3 major warning signals for impacted wisdom teeth.

1. Noticeable Pain

The pain associated with an impacted wisdom tooth is far different than other dental pains. It is the most common sign that your wisdom tooth may be stuck, and can radiate into other areas of the mouth. It is usually caused by the wisdom teeth pushing the other teeth slightly, irritating the nerve endings within the gums. The pain is usually generated from the back of the mouth, but can radiate outwards if not treated.

2. Swelling in the Jaw

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause swelling in areas around the jaw, such as under the chin and underneath our ears at the jaw ending. Tenderness in the area is one of the major warning signals that you could have impacted wisdom teeth. Seek a professional opinion if you notice swelling of any kind, but particularly if it is also associated with pain, or our next warning signal.

3. Swollen/ Bleeding Gums

Wisdom teeth that have become impacted can affect the gums heavily, causing them to swell and bleed. The movement of the wisdom teeth can cause tenderness around other teeth in the mouth. Any sign of gum swelling or bleeding should be discussed with a dentist.

If you believe you have impacted wisdom teeth, you need to address it with a professional. When left for an extended period of time, impacted wisdom teeth can cause teeth to shift so much that the overall look, structure and development of other teeth can be affected. Not only this, but impacted wisdom teeth can cause gum disease, tooth decay and cyst growth, which when left could cause nerve damage.

For those that are experiencing any of the above symptoms, temporary pain relief is fine to use, however, you should consult a dental professional that can address and combat any pain felt. Not only will they assess the area, but they will come up with a plan for treatment that will eliminate the problems you’re having.