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All About Veneers and How to Care for Them

20 October,2017

All About Veneers and How to Care for Them

One of the quickest ways to a beautiful smile is veneers. For those how have stained teeth, or gapping and chips that they want to address, this treatment is perfect. But as they are an irreversible treatment, you should know exactly what goes into the procedure to ensure that it is right for you.

What are Veneers?

Put simply, veneers are a thin piece of porcelain which create a natural look of teeth, providing the same strength and durability of natural enamel. They are custom made to make sure that it correctly fits the teeth, and aligns with all of the natural formed contours. Once moulded and created, they then are bonded to the original enamel of the tooth.

Veneers are able to change the shape, length, size and colouration of your teeth, and improve the overall appearance.

Although they are known to last a long time, you need to ensure that there is proper care taken to keep them durable and at their best aesthetically.

Tips to Care for Veneers

  • Practice Good Oral Care: One of the most important factors in keeping your veneers as good as they can be is through practicing proper oral hygiene. Not only will these keep your veneers looking fresh, but it will boost your oral health. Although veneers themselves do not decay, there is still a chance that your teeth can be exposed to decay.  Make sure that you brush twice daily, and floss regularly to keep those veneers shining.
  • Soft Toothbrush and Good Toothpaste: You do not want to scratch or diminish the appearance of your veneers, and for that reason you should use a soft toothbrush. Harder bristles can be abrasive and strip away the polish on your veneers, which can also happen when you use bad toothbrush. Consult your dentist to know the best methods of brushing your teeth and maintaining your veneers.
  • Stay Away from Foods That Stain: Although most veneers are stain resistant, the adhesive that is often used does not have a resistance to stains. This means that you should try your best to avoid foods that are known to yellow or blacken teeth.
  • No Smoking: To avoid your veneers becoming discoloured, it may be best to give up the smokes. It can cause them to appear grey, and can stain them irreversibly.

Make sure you take the best care of your veneers! Consult your dentist at Dental on Clarendon for more information about veneers.