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4 Tips to Keeping a Great Smile

1 December,2018

4 Tips to Keeping a Great Smile

Keeping A Healthy Smile

The overall health of your teeth is influenced by numerous factors like age, diet, hormones and oral hygiene. An increasing number of people are trying hard to get brighter looking teeth by resorting to home remedies and laser teeth whitening treatments at kiosks in the mall. While these procedures may offer temporary solutions that make a difference to your smile, there are a few things you should bear in mind to ensure your teeth not only look great but also stay healthy and strong as you age.

Schedule a Dental Appointment

Do yourself a favour and avoid postponing that dental appointment until it's too late. Dentists can identify tiny holes in the surface of your teeth and other minor dental problems that can be resolved before they worsen due to negligence. Yearly teeth cleaning procedures remove plaque and tartar build-up, reducing halitosis (bad breath) and preventing decay. Remember small holes left untreated, trap food. This can ultimately lead to cavities that will have to be fixed through extensive root canals or in worst cases through extractions. So pick up that phone and schedule a visit!

Floss Your Teeth Daily

Make it a habit to floss every time you brush. Flossing displaces food and other particles that are tucked away between the tiny gaps in your teeth. This is especially important for expectant mothers. A study published by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has identified an association between periodontal disease in pregnant women and preterm births. The high level of progesterone that's necessary for a healthy pregnancy sometimes causes gum inflammation in a few women. To reduce your risk of periodontal infection, it's important to floss all the bad stuff away and maintain appropriate oral hygiene.

Avoid Teeth Whitening Outside the Dental Clinic

While not entirely bad, tooth whitening at a kiosk, and sometimes even at home can come with a few risks. Firstly, the kiosks are not operated by a team of certified dentists. They're run by technicians who are trained to whiten your teeth, not by people who are highly knowledgeable on gums, nerve endings and tooth anatomy. Secondly, they use an OTC tray which contains a smaller percentage of hydrogen peroxide than the amount used at a dental practice. Lastly, the chemical used to whiten your teeth shouldn't in any way come in contact with your lips or oral tissues as it can cause sensitivity. So if you're getting a tooth whitening procedure done, get a quote from your dentist before walking into a kiosk. Ask questions and compare the procedure that's offered to you at the clinic with the one being offered at the mall. Read this post for further ideas.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

If you long for that dazzling flawless smile, it isn't enough to simply whiten the enamel of your teeth. An even set of teeth can alter the appearance of your face, often making you look younger and more appealing. Here's where cosmetic dentistry comes into the picture. A cosmetic dentist can restructure or contour your teeth so that they align well with the rest of the set, leaving you feeling more confident about yourself. Issues like tooth discoloration, chipped teeth and missing teeth can all be fixed cosmetically, thus leaving your teeth in mint condition.

Last updated 2nd January 2019